If I Need To Sell My Own Home

Home2Home . . . moving without the worries
We expect people to have to sell an existing property before moving. Seniors Own Real Estate can organise it so a resident will move from their existing home directly into their new home when it is ready, thus avoiding 2 moves. We call it the 'Home to Home'
Here's how we do it
  • You select the home you wish to purchase.
  • We arrange the appraisal of your current home to determine the market value and agree on the acceptable price with you.
  • Together we complete the necessary paperwork to secure your new home and to enable us to find a buyer for your existing property.
  • If your new home is being built, we will seek a buyer to suit your needs. Sometimes they might be prepared  to wait to take possession until you are ready to move. These buyers could be willing to settle early and allow you to rent-back or, alternatively, settle just prior to your move. Whatever the case we'll find a buyer to suit you and to make certain you have an easy 'Home to Home' move.

Selling and moving

We understand that moving house can be stressful. We have had years of experience at helping people do this and getting them the best possible price as well. We go out of our way to minimise the disruption to you when you are selling. If you need assistance we will help you in planning your move and chances are we will already have helped you in personalising your new home if it was purchased during construction.

This is what we do best. Seniors Own representatives are specially trained to understand your needs and the strict requirements of the Retirement Villages Act and how it applies to your situation. Our Accredited Agents are selected because they care for people as we do.
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