Purchasing In A Village

Retirement villages evolved initially as an adjunct to Church and Charitable aged care facilities, such as nursing homes and hostels. This resulted in villages that offered limited accommodation types, few facilities and limited appeal for the majority of people.
In order to attract residents, the industry now recognizes the need to provide a variety of facilities and amenities over and above the basic necessities.  Retirement Villages today are more attractive and whilst not always included, typical facilities can include entertainment areas, swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling greens and gymnasiums as well as a greater range of accommodation types with higher standards of finish. The availability of on site aged care facilities is still a very important factor in attracting residents,  although aged care operators cannot guarantee this to any resident.
If you are thinking about moving into a Retirement Village there are many issues to consider and questions to ask. It is important you think about your future needs as well as your current lifestyle.
For your peace of mind it is good to know that the industry is regulated by both Commonwealth and State legislation. “The Retirement Villages Act 1992” is the relevant legislation in Western Australia for independent living and effectively protects the rights of people who purchase the right to reside in a retirement village. The legislation is supported by a code of conduct, “Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Code) Regulations 2015” which sets out terms, conditions and standards to be met by the owners and operators of retirement villages.
Before you sign a contract to reside in a Retirement Village, the administering body is required to provide you with all relevant details in the form of pre-contractual disclosure information. This will enable you to be fully informed and also help you decide if a  paticular village will suit your lifestyle needs.
We hope the information on 'Purchasing in a Village' will increase your knowledge. It covers some of the concerns and questions people have when they first set off on this journey to explore retirement living. For some this may seem onerous but our experience has been for most this is an exciting new chapter in their lives . . . a comment we often hear is "we should have done this a long time ago".

Remember in moving to a retirement village you are investing in a new lifestyle