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Retirement living is about independence, freedom and community . . .

At this time in your life you maybe considering a lifestyle change, you maybe wanting to simplify your life by reducing the work load around home, it maybe the security of living in a community that you are looking for, or the ability to lock up and leave and travel without the worries of who will look after your home.

Whatever the reason there is no shortage of available high standard Villages throughout Western Australia, many of which can be found on this website and listed conveniently under towns and suburbs.

Retirement Villages and Over 55s Villas

Most people who move into a Retirement Village live in independent units. These villages can be structured a number of different ways; Licence, Long Term Lease, Strata Title and Company Share. These are all regulated by the Retirement Villages Act and the Code of Fair Practice.
Developments for over 55s are different from Retirement Villages, they are usually smaller strata titled villa developments with age restrictions, operating under the Strata Titles Act and not the Retirement Villages Act.

Lifestyle Villages for Over 45s

Lifestyle communities generally offer units for sale to people over 45. The Retirement Villages Act does not apply to these communities even though the average age of residents is over 55.
Also, many retired people chose to live permanently in a caravan or park home in a residential park. The Residential Parks (Long-Stay Tenants) Act 2006 aims to provide greater contractual certainty to park residents however this is not specific to over 55s and is not covered by the Retirement Villages Act.

Whatever your choice

Our best advice is not to leave it too long to make the move. Give yourself time to enjoy your new lifestyle, establish new friendships and make use of what your new home and community has to offer.

Consider a yearly Market Appraisal on your current residence to keep in touch with what is happening in the market. Seniors Own Real Estate offers this service free of obligation. When you do make the decision to seek new options you will have a better understanding of what you are looking for and can afford.

And last but not least, but most importantly, enjoy the journey.